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a-Musik Radio w/ Wolfgang Brauneis & Frank Dommert

Jul 3, 2018

Ambient Ambient Japan Japan Jazz Jazz Sound Art Sound Art

Music selected by Wolfgang Brauneis & Frank Dommert, recorded live at the King Georg Büdchen, Cologne.

Hour 1: a-Musik Tips (July 2018) (Wolfgang Brauneis)
Hour 2: Japan Special (Frank Dommert)


a-Musik Tips (July 2018)

Kali Malone, Bondage To Formula (Cast of Mind LP / Hallow Ground)
Kali Malone, Arched in Hysteria (Cast of Mind LP / Hallow Ground)
Tresque, Tre Cavalli (Vai e Vem LP / Care Of Editions)
Manos Tsangaris, Elephant’s Easy Moonwalk Through The Night (Elephant’s Easy Moonwalk Through The Night 12“ / Nonplace)
Sugai Ken, Shinpenkitokusen (Tele-N-Tech-Da LP / Discrepant)
Sugai Ken, Awai Ni (Tele-N-Tech-Da LP / Discrepant)
Tasos Stamou, Pirates (Musique Con Crete LP / Discrepant)
My Cat Is An Alien, The Sky With Broken Arms (The Sky With Broken Arms CD / Elliptical Noise)
Tasos Stamou, A Call (Musique Con Crete LP / Discrepant)

Schallplatten aus Japan (Frank Dommert)

Asa-Chang & Junray – Hana (Leaf)
La Veuve Moustachue  – 二つの同じ鍵 (High Contrast Recordings)
Morio Agata – 元祖ラジヲ焼 (Bellwood Records)
Mikami Kan – あなたもスターになれる (URC)
Happy End – 夏なんです (URC)
Eiichi Ohtaki – さらばシベリア鉄道 (Niagara Records)
Yapoos – Daddy The Heaven (Baidis)
Guernica – 復興の唄 (Yen Records)
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Snakeman Show/Multiplies (Alfa)
Sadistic Mika Band – よろしくどうぞ (Doughnut)
Phew – Doze (Pass Records)
Syzygys – Lotus Rain (Cafe Disc)
Emerson Kitamura – The Countryside Is Great (Version) (EM Records)
Flying Rhythms  – Specialoose Fly (Zi-Koo)
DJ 方 – 土 (Majikick Records)
Tenniscoats Feat. Bibi – タマシー (Majikick Records)


a-Musik is a Cologne based record label for experimental music, a record distributor and a music store.

Every month Wolfgang Brauneis – host of the show and one of the persons behind the counter – picks ten new arrivals and highlights them as a small guidance help for shop customers in the first hour of the show. The second hour is reserved for additional specials, features, DJ mixes and live recordings from the a-Musik universe.

Monthly, 1st Tuesday, 8-10pm (CET)

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