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Better Days w/ The Conservative

Apr 28, 2020

Boogie Boogie Electronic Electronic Hip Hop Hip Hop House House

Music selected by The Conservative, recorded live at home in Cologne.


Annelies Monroe – Hold Music I
Trankilou – Chicago Babe
Prince – Violet the Organ Grinder
Deee-Lite – Picnic in the Summertime (Gutu Jeeper Self Mix)
The Fun Boy Three – Faith, Hope and Charity
Eric D. Clark – To all the people I owe money to
Dâm-Funk – Silver
Robert Hood – Strativarius [The Puppeteer]
The Fuzz – Leave it all behind me
N C C U – Superstar
Paul Skyland – Give me your love
Atlantic Starr – Second to none
Bohannon – Let‘s Start The Dub
Mike Huckaby – The Jazz Republic
Womack & Womack – Love Wars
Fragil – Residency
The Herbaliser feat. Jean Grae – Nah‘ mean nah‘m sayin‘ (Platinum Pied Pipers Remix)
Big L – Platinum Plus (feat. Big Daddy Kane)
Georg Danzer – Wer Bist Du???
Air Project – Rap Yourself
Fragil – In der Gruppe
Gigi Masin – Bellamore
Mr. Marvin – Entity (Nikita Dreams)
Mac Miller – Diablo
94 East – If you See Me

Better Days

Conservatives seek to preserve a range of institutions such as monarchy, religion, parliamentary government, and property rights, with the aim of emphasizing social stability and continuity.

Better Days host “The Conservative” from Cologne instead seeks to preserve proper pearls from all around the globe with a special focus on heartwarming grooves from Tokyo, Kyoto, Minneapolis, Warsaw or New Jersey.

Monthly, 4th Tuesday, 6-7pm (CET)

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