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dublab RadioLeaks w/ Zo-On Slows (aka Echo-Ho)

Sep 5, 2015

Ambient Ambient Live Live

Echo Ho is a Cologne-based artist and composer. Her artistic practice often shows a complex migrational context and conceptual links of culturally diverse materials and artistic discipline.As a musician she works with field recordings, experimental electroacoustic composition, and she performs live and collaborates with musicians from around the globe.

From 2007 to 2013, Echo Ho re-invented the oldest traditional Chinese string instrument Gu Qin into a “Slow Qin”. For her recent band project “zo-on slows”, she develops a 40-minutes to one hour improvised solo show for various stages, bringing the audience on an unexpected journey, where the sonic texture illustrates an acoustic road movie by merging field recordings with voice and noise, fusing experimental beat and Slow Qin tunes.

dublab RadioLeaks 2015

In 2015 the CityLeaks Festival took place in Cologne for the third time, and dublab.de curated the musical program taking place at the festival center in Cologne-Mühlheim from September 5th – September 20th.

Lots of friends and favourites played at the festival center on three consecutive sundays as well as the Vernissage and Finnissage days, beaming a musically diverse program from Köln Mühlheim to dedicated listeners around the globe.

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