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Live from Glowing Pin HQ w/ Basso

Apr 13, 2020

Ambient Ambient Electronic Electronic New Age New Age Synth Synth

Music selected by Basso aka Bussi Bär „The microphone fiend“, as part of dublab DE’s “Save Our Studio Weeks”.

More info: https://dublab.de/saveourstudio

Almost all records that have been played still available here: https://www.growingbinrecords.com/fresh-musical-antibodies/


Butzmann & Kapielski – Qua Pur Qua (just reissued on Bureau B)
Jonus Eric – Waterfalls (soon out on Glowing Pin Records GBR029)
Moving Lines – Enchantment
Andreas von Wangenheim – Calypso
Thomas Almqvist – Sun Signs
Seigen Ono – Mallets
Elephant Chateau – Wir fangen mit Arbeit an (just reissued on Bureau B)
Lapre – Banzai (just reissued on Bureau B)
Bohemien – Sexual Activity (from Rock Extra!)
Scot Scheer – Commitment (Basso Maxi Edit)
Mustang – Africa
Johannes Schmoelling – The Lawnmower
Dortmund – The Deep
Indoor Life – Voodoo
Oltre La Morte – Aria Azure (sold)
International – Heinz und die Hascher
Patrick Jahn – Abenteuer überm Schrank (soon out on Growing Bin Records GBR027)
Mauro Pelosi – La Voglia Di…
Tribop – Necessary Silence
R_R_ – Melodic Harmony (soon out on Growing Bin Records GBR028)
Haruomi Hosono – Aiwoiwaiaou (sold)
Miko – Traumtänzerin
Lilipulu – B1 (GBR026 – it’s out and available)

Live from Home

Recordings from various homes and places by a crew of dublab friends & family, all broadcasted live during the shutdown period in Spring 2020.

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