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Somewhere in Cologne w/ Tehkla (Live), Martin Schmitz, Hanna Bächer

Aug 27, 2015

Tehkla are Amir Shoat, Johann Merel and Joe Zeitlin from London, playing live improvised synthesizers, found sounds and processed cello. They’re currently working on their second release after their debut EP on Miami’s long-running noise & experimental imprint Schematic.

Amir Shoat‘s background is in mixing and producing other people’s music – it’s not by chance that a Hype William’s track is carrying his name. But there’s also a lesser known past of his, as the frontman of an infamous goth-wave-punk band from Israel’s north and one half of “The Company” with Country Teaser’s Ben Wallers. Johann Merel is a bass-ambassador hailing from Lima, Peru, having influenced a whole generation of noise-musicians over there, while now being a solid link to the remaining few oldschool-jungle-squat-parties in London’s gentrified east. Joe Zeitlin, trained classical cellist and composer, with a unique take on transforming the instrument’s specific sound, will be in Cologne not at last as a member of the current Terry Riley-influenced production of fellow British musician Koreless.

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