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Stalagmite Of Light w/ Pedram Farhadifar & Ali Chakav

Aug 13, 2015

Stalagmite of Light is an experience based on improvisation, through Electro acoustic and Tar, the Iranian traditional instrument.

Pedram Farhadifar

Pedram Farhadifar is an Iranian musician and Tar instrumentalist (Radif-preserver), born in 1984 in Kermanshah, in the west of Iran. Since 2013 he lives and works in Germany. When he was thirteen, he began learning persian music and playing Setar and then after some years he started playing Tar and learning Radif (the traditional music of Iran is based on the Radif) with Hooshang Farahani and Mohammad Reza Lotfi. In 2005, he entered the Tehran Conservatory and graduated in playing and teaching music. Besides his solo and group concerts in Iran he has performed and collaborated with many musician in Armenia, Azerbaijan,Turkey and Germany.

Ali Chakav

Ali Chakav is a multi-disciplinary experimental artist, born in 1984 in Tehran, based in Cologne-Germany. In 2003 he graduated Communication Design at the AZAD art university in Iran and since 2012 he studies Media Art at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany. His Artworks focus on investigations into the potential of Art as a media, with experimental behavior in hidden layers in the environment.

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