Barthel, Böhm, Bauer – Timeless Horizons (Growing Bin Records)

W. Barthel / M.Böhm / R.Bauer – Timeless Horizons (Growing Bin Records)

The more time i spend on fleamarkets and in recordshops diving into piles of records, the more time i spend getting lost on youtube or discogs and listening to DJ-Sets of people that have been doing the aforementioned for way longer than i have, the more i realize that i know very little about music. Nothing new to you probably, and quite a general observation that goes way back to the days of Aristotle, yet it amazes me every time.

The group of Wolfgang Barthel, Matthias Böhm and Reinhold Bauer – BBB in short – is one of those outfits i might have never heard of if it wasn’t for Basso from Growing Bin, who is one of those people constantly on the lookout for the more obscure, usually harder to find gems out there, and i wholeheartedly thank him for that.

Timeless Horizons by BBB is a 2xLP compilation of songs originally released by Wolfgang Barthel on three private press LPs: Auf Der Suche (1984), Zeitlos (1986) and New Horizons (1988). Original copies are almost impossible to find these days, so Basso took it in his own hands to re-introduce the world to the German trio and their Timeless Horizons. Beautiful music inspired by Barthel’s travels to the Middle East in the mid 70’s, located somewhere in between Blues, Folk and Rock but always with a very distinctive eastern touch, utilizing found instruments such as the Darbuka and Saz (also called Bağlama depending on the area), and combining them with rather classic western instruments like the guitar, flute or melodica.

The overall result is an enchanting, rich journey through various moods and tempi that never fails to amaze the more discerning listener. The whole album carries a distinctive “airiness” and light quality that’s hard to pin down; standout tracks for me are the beautiful “Another Rainy Day” (stream below and you will hear what i mean), the utterly enchanting “Wellenreiter” (what a perfect title) and the danceable uptempo track “Tamam” (which can be heard in this recent mix by Jan Schulte). But really, all tracks are of the highest standard and picking a favourite is rather a question of personal taste than quality.

I recommend purchasing this beauty directly at the Growing Bin shop, though I’ve spotted copies at Groove Attack in Cologne, Red Light Records in Amsterdam and most of the usual online retailers as well. Pick your choice but make sure to lend this record your ear, you’ll be rewarded for sure.

Timeless Horizons

Songs from “Auf Der Suche”, “Zeitlos” and “New Horizons”

  1. Tamam
  2. Through Desert Plains
  3. Zeitlos
  4. Auf der Suche
  5. Anamur
  6. Wellenreiter
  7. Ruhe vor dem Sturm
  8. Drift Away / Into the storm
  9. Momo‘s Traum
  10. Interrail
  11. New Horizons
  12. Another Rainy Day

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