dublab Büdchenradio – Fall / Winter 2017

Our beloved Büdchenradio is returning to Sudermanplatz in Cologne for the coming Fall / Winter 2017 months! Starting November 4th we’ll be hosting a bi-weekly broadcast session on every other Saturday, inviting friends and favorites from far and near alike to share their music with you and us. Check below for more information on our first two sessions in November!

Apart from broadcasting some great music we’ll be providing hot beverages such as Glühwein, tea and coffee to keep you warm. Beer and lemonade will also be available, and we’re currently contemplating cake and cookie options.

dublab Büdchenradio
King Georg Büdchen, Sudermanplatz (Cologne)

November 4 , 2017 |  4-8pm
Jago, Hendrik Vogel, Don’t DJ & No Obi, No Insert
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November 18, 2017 | 4-8pm
Calypso Steve, Margie, Philipp Matalla, Dane//close
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