New series: Record Recollections. Sharing records and the stories behind them

Start of a new loose series on – I thought about this for a while and this seems like a good day to give it a go. The idea: friends and favorites pick a few records from their collection which are dear to them for whatever reason, meet up for a listening session and share their stories behind the records they picked with each other and our listeners. This is not about featuring the rarest gems out there – even though this might occur every now and then. We just think that every record has a smaller or bigger story attached to it, and we are keen to hear and share those personal recollections and memories.

Kick off is on Sunday, April 23rd from 8-10pm CET live from a cozy livingroom in Cologne with Pellegrino (Early Sounds Recordings), Thomas Berg (Soundscape Versions) & Christian Guntermann (Topic Drift Recordstore).

Listen live via as usual.