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a-Musik Radio – Ana Ott Special w/ Wolfgang Brauneis

Apr 3, 2018

Experimental Experimental

Music selected by Wolfgang Brauneis, recorded live at the dublab HQ in Cologne, Nippes.

Hour 1: a-Musik Tips April 2018
Hour 2: Ana Ott. Ein Labelmix (Wolfgang Brauneis)


a-Musik Tips April:
ATARPOP 73 & Le Collectif Le Temps Des Cerises, Attention L’Armée LP (Attention L’Armée LP / Staubgold)
Ameel Brecht, Endless Reflection (Polygraph Heartbeat LP / Kraak)
Ameel Brecht, A Better Time (Polygraph Heartbeat LP / Kraak)
Gerhard Rühm, 12! ein zahlengedicht (V.A., Braublff (materie und laut) 2×7“ / Kraak)
Lau Nau, Xyza (Poseidon CD / Fonal)
Lau Nau, Poseidon (Poseidon CD / Fonal)
Eastley / Beresford / Burwell / Toop, Butlers Wharf (Whirled Music LP / Black Truffle)
John Chantler / Steve Noble / Seymour Wright, Front 3 (Front and Above CD / 1703 Skivbolaget)
Annea Lockwood, Wild Energy (Christina Kubisch / Annea Lockwood, The secret life of the inaudible 2CD / Gruenrekorder)
Christina Kubisch & Annea Lockwood, Below Behind Above (Christina Kubisch / Annea Lockwood, The secret life of the inaudible 2CD / Gruenrekorder)

Ana Ott Special:

Blemishes, An Insurgence (Libido LP)
Phil Struck, Tension (NNO K7)
Michael Valentine West, Betsy (Code 17 Abstraction LP)
Limpe Fuchs, Roll Round (String Stone Weight LP)
Nils Quak, Città Aperta (Sur l’eau K7)
Vomit Heat, Little Love / Little Light (Spirit Desire LP)
Br’laaB, Moloch 50 (Molochville K7)
Blutiger Jupiter, 4th Movement (Europa K7)
Transport, Sehnsucht und Weinbrand (Milchreise LP)
Stephan Roth, La Presente (Kalbe/Milde K7)


a-Musik is a Cologne based record label for experimental music, a record distributor and a music store.

Every month Wolfgang Brauneis – host of the show and one of the persons behind the counter – picks ten new arrivals and highlights them as a small guidance help for shop customers in the first hour of the show. The second hour is reserved for additional specials, features, DJ mixes and live recordings from the a-Musik universe.

Monthly, 1st Tuesday, 8-10pm (CET)

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