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a-Musik Radio – Nonplace Special w/ Wolfgang Brauneis

Dec 21, 2017

Experimental Experimental

Hour 1: a-Musik Top Ten Dezember w/ Wolfgang Brauneis
Hour 2: Nonplace. Ein Mix zur Anthologie w/ Wolfgang Brauneis

Hour 1: a-Musik Top Ten (Dezember 2017)

  1. Felix Kubin, Musik für neue Büromaschinen (Takt der Arbeit LP / Editions Mego)
  2. Dedekind Cut, Lil Puffy Coat (The Expanding Domain MLP/K7 / Hallow Ground)
  3. C Spencer Yeh, III (The RCA Mark II LP / Primary Information)
  4. Pinkcourtesyphone, Above Chandeliers (Indelicate Slices CD / Room40)
  5. COH, State Calm (Coh Plays Everall LP / Hallow Ground)
  6. Irmler/Oesterhelt, Dritter Gesang (Die Gesaenge des Maldoror LP/CD / Klangbad)
  7. C-Schulz, Schwellen (Frühe Jahre CD / Unseen Worlds)
  8. Burnt Friedman & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Yek 128-12 (Yek 12“ / Nonplace)
  9. John Cage, Seventy-Four fuer Orchester (Klang der Wandlungen 3CD / Edition RZ)
  10. Going, Amen (III LP / Meakusma)

Hour 2: Nonplace. Ein Mix zur Anthologie (Wolfgang Brauneis)

  1. Burnt Friedman, En_Bu_2 (Anthology 1980-2017 CD) Flanger, Spinner (Spinner 12“)
  2. Burnt Friedman, Intrication (Anthology 1980-2017 CD)
  3. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit, 125-05 (Secret Rhythms 5, 2×12“/CD)
  4. Burnt Friedman feat. Hayden Chisholm, Monkhide (Anthology 1980-2017 CD)
  5. Burnt Friedman, Deku No Bo (Bokoboko 2×12“/CD)
  6. Burnt Friedman, Sorcier (Anthology 1980-2017 CD)
  7. Burnt Friedman & Daniel Dodd-Ellis, Clock Version (Clock 12“) Tohuwabohu, OAFRM4 (Tohuwabohu 12“)
  8. Burnt Friedman, Monsun (Anthology 1980-2017 CD)
  9. Burnt Friedman & Joseph Suchy, Scene 05 (V.A., Nonplace Soundtracks. Scenes 1-25 CD)
  10. Burnt Friedman, Scene 06 (V.A., Nonplace Soundtracks. Scenes 1-25 CD)
  11. Burnt Friedman, Ochlott (Anthology 1980-2017 CD)


a-Musik is a Cologne based record label for experimental music, a record distributor and a music store.

Every month Wolfgang Brauneis – host of the show and one of the persons behind the counter – picks ten new arrivals and highlights them as a small guidance help for shop customers in the first hour of the show. The second hour is reserved for additional specials, features, DJ mixes and live recordings from the a-Musik universe.

Monthly, 1st Tuesday, 8-10pm (CET)

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