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a-Musik Radio – Mouse On Mars (The Early Years) w/ Wolfgang Brauneis

May 1, 2018

Ambient Ambient Electronica Electronica Noise Noise Sound Of Cologne Sound Of Cologne

Music selected by Wolfgang Brauneis, recorded live at the dublab HQ in Cologne, Nippes.

Hour 1: a-Musik Tips (May 2018)
Hour 2: Mouse On Mars – The Early Years


a-Musik Tips (May 2018)

Mouse on Mars, Parliament of Aliens II (Dimensional People LP/CD / Thrill Jockey)
Sonae, Majority Vote (I Started Wearing Black LP / Monika)
The National Jazz Trio of Scotland, Quick To Judge – Don’t Be So (Standards Vol.IV LP/CD / Karaoke Kalk)
The National Jazz Trio of Scotland, Move (Standards Vol.IV LP/CD / Karaoke Kalk)
The National Jazz Trio of Scotland, Heaven Knows (Standards Vol.IV LP/CD / Karaoke Kalk)
Lucy Railton, The Critical Rush (Paradise 94 LP / Modern Love)
Giacinto Scelsi, Duo For Violin & Cello, Part 1 (V.A., Scelsi EP / SN Variations)
Lucy Railton, Gaslighter (Paradise 94 LP / Modern Love)
Lucy Railton, To The End (Paradise 94 LP / Modern Love)
Strië, Capsule (Perpetual Journey EP / Serein)
Strië, Test for Ability (Perpetual Journey EP / Serein)
Nadah El Shazly, Mahmiya (Protectorate) (Ahwar LP/CD / Nawa Recordings)

Mouse On Mars – The Early Years Special

Chagrin (Vulvaland LP/CD / Too Pure)
Future Dub (Vulvaland LP/CD / Too Pure)
Stereomission (Iaora Tahiti LP/CD / Too Pure)
Saturday Night Worldcup Fever (Iaora Tahiti LP/CD / Too Pure)
Schunkel (Iaora Tahiti LP/CD / Too Pure)
Tux & Damask (Autoditacker 2LP/CD / Thrill Jockey)
Sehnsud (Autoditacker 2LP/CD / Thrill Jockey)
1001 (Instrumentals LP/CD / Sonig)
Tankpark (Glam LP/CD / Sonig)


a-Musik is a Cologne based record label for experimental music, a record distributor and a music store.

Every month Wolfgang Brauneis – host of the show and one of the persons behind the counter – picks ten new arrivals and highlights them as a small guidance help for shop customers in the first hour of the show. The second hour is reserved for additional specials, features, DJ mixes and live recordings from the a-Musik universe.

Monthly, 1st Tuesday, 8-10pm (CET)

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