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Better Days w/ The Conservative

Mar 26, 2019

House House J-Pop J-Pop Japan Japan Synth Synth

Music selected by The Conservative, recorded live at dublab HQ in Cologne, Nippes.


Yoshiaki Ochi – Ear Dreamin (Wrongspeeder WTF?!)

The Beatniks – Le Sang du Poete

dip in the pool – Silence

Akiko Yano – Kanashikute Yarikirenai  (悲しくてやりきれない)

Kengo Kurosumi – 泡沫

Tatsuro Yamashita – Never Grow Old

Mondo Grosso – ラビリンス (Album Mix)

TPO –  Hiroshi’s Dub (Milo’s Garage Dub)

Towa Tei – GBI (German Bold Italic) (feat. Haruomi Hosono & Kylie Minogue)

Logic System – Automatic Collect, Automatic Correct

Prince Klassen – Hosono Refix Dubplate

Mikado – Anita

Seaside Lovers – Evening Shadows

Better Days

Conservatives seek to preserve a range of institutions such as monarchy, religion, parliamentary government, and property rights, with the aim of emphasizing social stability and continuity.

Better Days host “The Conservative” from Cologne instead seeks to preserve proper pearls from all around the globe with a special focus on heartwarming grooves from Tokyo, Kyoto, Minneapolis, Warsaw or New Jersey.

Monthly, 4th Tuesday, 6-7pm (CET)

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