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dublab RadioLeaks – 150 Session w/ ML

Sep 20, 2015

Electronic Electronic Experimental Experimental Wave Wave

Radio Cómeme resident ML on the controls, we have no idea what he prepared for dublab RadioLeaks but we’re sure it will be good. Just read an example description for one the 150 Sessions below and you will know this is no joke.

Radio Cómeme – 150 Session 24
“This time we bring you an almost without moderation blend of analogue doom grooves, punk angst, boogie exorcism, found sounds, experimental journey music, starry-eyed Hellenic electronics and off-the-wall Italo emotions peppered by the voices of dead and living fictional and non-fictional atomic state of things like Henry Hill, Serge Gainsbourg, Whitney Houston, Martin Kippenberger, Laraaji, Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, Brion Gysin, Jean Luc Godard or DāM-FunK. If you want to see what inspired us to do so listen and watch Weekend (Deutschland 1930), Le coeur à barbe (France 1930), Vinyl (USA 1965), Gibby Westgermany (BRD 1979/80) or Good Fellas (USA 1990).

dublab RadioLeaks 2015

In 2015 the CityLeaks Festival took place in Cologne for the third time, and dublab.de curated the musical program taking place at the festival center in Cologne-Mühlheim from September 5th – September 20th.

Lots of friends and favourites played at the festival center on three consecutive sundays as well as the Vernissage and Finnissage days, beaming a musically diverse program from Köln Mühlheim to dedicated listeners around the globe.

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