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dublab RadioLeaks – a-Musik w/ Georg Odijk & Waltraud Blischke

Sep 13, 2015

Experimental Experimental

a-Musik is a Cologne based record label for experimental music, a record distributor and a music store.

The a-Musik record shop & label was founded in the early 90s in Cologne, Germany, in the basement living space of Marcus Schmickler (Pluramon et.al.) & Jan Werner (Mouse On Mars) by their flatmate Georg Odijk and soon became the most attractive place for electronica, experimental and modern composer musicks in the area. Due to worldwide artist, label and mailorder connections a vivid scene of live music and collaborations evolved. Label artists include DAT Politics, Holosud, Felix Kubin, L@N, Microstoria, Schlammpeitziger, Marcus Schmickler & many more.

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