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Guest DJ Set w/ ML

Dec 20, 2019

Abstract Abstract Avantgarde Avantgarde Electronic Electronic Experimental Experimental Synthwave Synthwave

Music selected by ML, recorded live at dublab HQ in Cologne, Nippes.


Steven Stapleton & David Tibet – DreamBreath
Adolf Noise – Windows ’97
SPDSC – Simple Customers
J A – Find The Way
Airobi – Holy Void
K.I.M. – Kimchi
Yokofeu ‎– Les Enfants Sauvages
Sun Ra – Song No.1
Malka Tuti – MT0025
INIT – Benzin
Rolling Stones – Feel On Baby
Rockford Kabine (feat. Rocko Schamoni and Cordelia Waal) ‎– Mein Hass

Hype Williams – Rescue Dawn II
Fiesta En El Vacio ‎– Brillanza Y Orgullo
Enno Velthuys – In Ijle Lucht
Naseau – Killing Time
Peter Ivers – Audience Of One
Psychic TV ‎– Ov Power
Galaxy II Orchestra ‎– Acid Rain

Guest DJ Sets

Broadcasts from various locations in different cities, exploring exciting sonics in true dublab fashion along the way.

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