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Implied Odds w/ Frank D'Arpino & Stefan Schneider

Aug 1, 2019

Electronic Electronic Experimental Experimental Minimal Minimal Synthwave Synthwave

Music selected by Frank D’Arpino & Stefan Schneider, recorded live at dublab HQ in Cologne, Nippes.


Joachim Nordwall – I Am The Fire
Duke Ellington – Afrique
Michael O’Shea – No Journeys End
Ditto – Urban
Knapp – Until I Contact You Again I Have A Dream
Mentocome – B6
Craig Leon – Standing Crosswise In The Square
Molto – Flexible Säulen
Kasia Fudakowski – Put Your Hands…
LAN – S / 8
Dirk Desaever – Medieval
Kreidler – Shiver
Hardijs Lediņš – Drip
After Dinner – (Not Given)
Berbel Nobodius – Windblown Quiescence
Robert Görl – (Not Given)
Pedro Vian – Flexible Girl (Cardopusher Remix)
Konrad Kraft – F
Black Zone Myth Chant – Sleeping With TV On
Susanne Brokesch – A TV-Set On Fire And An Introduction To The Term: “Something Is Not Approximately Somthing Else”
Montel Palmer – ¡Aye Papi!
Tanlako – Parade
Deep Nalström – Inner Collapse
The Slits – Animal Spacier
Grand Optimist ‎– Pandelson (forthcoming on TFGC)
Non Band – Duncan Dancin’

Implied Odds

2 hours of otherworldly b2b vibes conducted by one of Düsseldorf’s longtime fixtures – Salon des Amateurs resident and overall nice guy Frank D’Arpino.

Monthly, 1st Thursday, 8-10pm (CET)

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