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dublab Popup Radio w/ Jan Lankisch

Jul 12, 2017

Japanese Japanese Soul Soul Synth Pop Synth Pop

Music selected by Jan Lankisch, recorded live at Day 06 of our Popup Radio @ NIGH – A Framework For Coexistence.

After broadcasting weekly from various recordshops, bars and off spaces dublab.de moved into a fixed space for the first time in July 2017 to transmit freeform radio for 9 days in a row. Selected guests and various dublab DJs from Cologne and elsewhere shared the decks and painted a collective image of the endless musical universe that makes dublab what it is.


1. Pascal Comelade – Séquence 1 (Parasite, 1979)
2. Kenji Omura (大村憲治) – Spring Is Nearly Here (春がいっぱい) (Alfa, 1981)
3. Syunsuke Ono – Disco Is (Zelone Records, 2016)
4. Virna Lindt – Underwater Boy (The Compact Organization, 1984)
5. Yukihiro Takahashi (高橋幸宏) – Sayonara (サヨナラ) (Yen Records, 1982)
6. Solid Space – Afghan Dance (In Phaze, 1982)
7. Shintaro Sakamoto (坂本慎太郎) x Videotapemusic – A Dream In Bangkok (เมืองในความฝัน) (EM Records, 2016)
8. Maki Asakawa (浅川 マキ) – 花いちもんめ (Express, 1971)
9. Happy End (はっぴいえんど) – あしたてんきになあれ (URC, 1971)
10. Akiko Yano (矢野顕子) – Tong Poo (Japan Record, 1980)
11. B.T.A. – My Rules (Macola Record Co, 1986)
12. L.A. Takedown – Night Skiing (Ribbon Music, 2017)
13. Odessey – Sad Face (WWA Records, 1974)
14. Cylon – Are We Not Men Who Live And Die (Reflex, 1998)

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