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Kabinett der Phantasie w/ Keshavara

Aug 13, 2019

Beats Beats Synth Synth

Music selected by Keshavara, recorded live at dublab HQ in Cologne, Nippes.


Intro/Mort Garson – Music To Sooth The Savage Snake Plant
Emerson – Nosey Neighbours
Beatles – Revolution 9
Ken Nordine – Yellow
Jolly Mare – Terrarium
Prince – My Computer
Mori Ra – Kabul
Sun Ra – Interlude
Salami Rose Joe Louis – Octagon Room
Toro Kery Goro – Mory
Ornithology Birdsongs #4 – „The Tui“ (by Guru Niklas)
Linkwood – Hear The Sun
Jura Soundsystem – Pyramids
Khruangbin – Sisters & Brothers
Nite Jewel – what did he say
The Barren Whitfield Soul Savage Arkestra – Love In Outer Space
Crosssection – Over Again

Kabinett der Phantasie

„Yoguing“, the eccentric dance style that combines voguing with yoga and was invented by Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, experienced a short bloom on her surrealist balls, but soon fell into oblivion again, because the world – as she said – lacked appropriate music.

Thatʼs why she probably would have loved this radio show and perhaps even celebrated it as the retrieval of her beloved dance. Let us hope that – thanks to “Cabinet of Fantasy” – music to which we bend our limbs in slow motion, smoke meerschaum pipe, drink heavily sweetened mocha and roll our eyes to, the beat will finally experience the deserved revival.

Monthly, 2nd Tuesday, 6-7pm (CET)

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