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Aut / Oltrarno Special – Live from dublab Sleepless Floor (Meakusma Festival 2016) w/ Stefano Meucci

Sep 25, 2016

Jazz Jazz

Stefano Meucci presents Aut / Oltrarno through musical examples played from the labels’ catalogues. Both imprints have made it their goal to create a specific environment for music that is not commonly linked to any musical language and to support specific projects that explore unusual sonic worlds. Highly recommended!

Meakusma Festival 2016

Set up in cooperation with the Goethe Institut, Waxtreatment, Reihe M, the Ostbelgien Festival and dublab, the Meakusma festival took place for the first time in fall 2016. It is almost exclusively rooted in the field of unclassifiable, contemporary experimental electronic and club music, and dublab is happy having been part of this extraordinary operation.

On our intimate “Sleepless” floor at the festival site DJ-sets, radioshows and interviews from friends and favorites alike took place and where recorded for your listening pleasure. More info about the festival and our involvement can be found here.

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