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Live from dublab Sleepless Floor (Meakusma Festival 2019) w/ Waltraud Blischke

Sep 7, 2019

Meakusma Festival 2019

Last week the Meakusma Festival took place in Eupen / Belgium for the 4th time, celebrating the unclassifiable through music, installations and lectures. Once again dublab set up shop at the Heuboden of “Alter Schlachthof”,  commited to create a cozy safe haven for all visitors from far and near, driven by respect for each other and a mutual love for the arts. In this surrounding a handpicked selection of live-acts and DJs from the musical cosmos of Meakusma and dublab was embraced by a highly attentive audience.

All musical contributions were broadcasted live from Eupen via our respective dublab channels in Germany, Spain, Brasil and the United States; Brussel-based institution Radio Panik joined in as well for an all weekend FM transmission in the greater Brussels region. Excellent all around – check below for the recordings.

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