September 25, 2020

A Colourful Storm Takeover

  • Moopie


I started this mix earlier this year for Nina and Tobi, who run the VIS label, in Hamburg, but that soon changed course, for the better. I was listening to a lot of Christoph Heemann, Edward Ka-Spel, Susumu Yokota and their related projects at the time, and thought of this as a sequel to the B-side of my Ten Minutes Tardy mixtape from a few years back.


Andreas Martin & Christoph Heemann – Die Drei Wege Ins Unbekannte Teil 1
Susumu Yokota – Gekkoh
Anduin – Dyadic Twenty Seven
Wonderfuls – Black Bike (Outtake)
Scanner – Affaire
Electric Sewer Age – Corpuscular Corpuscle
Jac Berrocal / David Fenech / Ghédalia Tazartès – Sainte
Edward Ka-Spel – Another Tango
Letha Rodman Melchior – Red Moon / Fra Mauro
Felt – Candles In A Church
Maxine Funke & P Wits – Flourish
Interbellum – Every Word In The English Language

A Colourful Storm Takeover

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