March 16, 2017

a-Musik Radio – An introduction to Mark Van Hoen

  • Mark Van Hoen
  • Wolfgang Brauneis


Hour 1: a-Musik Top Ten March 2017 w/ Wolfgang Brauneis

Oto Hiax, Ese Mitre (rhythmisch-Parmegianig) (S/t LP / Editions Mego)
Rancid Opera, Turan Death (Azionismo Bolgnese in Rap/-Belligeranza)
Sleaford Mods, Drayton Manored (English Tapas LP/CD / Rough Trade)
Mike Cooper, Movies is Magic (Reluctant Swimmer / Virtual Surfer LP / Discrepant)
Aine O’Dwyer, Alter Boy (Locusts LP / Penultimate Press)
Will Guthrie, Snowdown (People Pleaser LP / Black Truffle Records)
No UFO’s, PCM Track II (NU Lp for RS / Root Strata)
The Necks, Blue Mountain (Unfold 2LP / Ideologic Organ)
Pekala | Kordylasinska | Pekala, Thymme Jones: Smells Like Victory (Werke für Schlagzeug und Elektroakustische Geräte LP / Gagarin)
Bülent Arel, Mimiana, Pt.2: Frieze (Electronic Music 1960-1973 LP/CD / Sub Rosa)

Hour 2: an introduction to Mark Van Hoen w/ Wolfgang Brauneis

Locust, Prospero (Weathered Well / Apollo, 1994)
Locust, All My Sadness (Natural Composite / Apollo, 1994)
Locust, Penetration (Truth Is Born Of Arguments / Apollo, 1995)
Mark Van Hoen, Closer Than We All Thought (Playing With Time / Touch, 1998)
Mark Van Hoen, A More Light Past (Playing With Time / Touch, 1998)
Mark Van Hoen, Garabndl X (After The Rain / Editions Mego, 2012)
Mark Van Hoen, Unknown Host (After The Rain / Editions Mego, 2012)
Locust, Just Want You (You’ll Be Safe Forever / Editions Mego, 2013)
Locust, To Lonely Shores (After The Rain / Editions Mego, 2014)
Locust, Sorrow Stays (After The Rain / Editions Mego, 2014)
Mark Van Hoen, Kojiki (Nightvision / Saint Marie Records, 2015)
Drone, This Strange Life (exc.) (Reversing Into The Future / Pomperipossa Records, 2016)

A-Musik Radio

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