November 18, 2021

Akustische Bänderdehnung

  • Daniel Voigt
  • FM Aether


Easy Homez – Erster Song Auf Dem Phunk Tape
Hartmut Geerken – Orgie Mit Mir Selbst
Sun Ra – Why Buy Old Sounds? Interview 1984
Jsca – Secs
Metabolismus – Gedüdel
Sinergia Elettronica – Spam Tape
Flamingo Creatures – Schnurrwind
Seth Graham – Glitter Feathers
Seth Graham – Creaky Clumsy
La Monte Young – Performance by The Theatre of Eternal Music Brass Ensemble

Akustische Bänderdehnung

"Akustische Bänderdehnung" explores the winding wonders and hissy oddities of the tape universe on a monthly basis. An audible journey through mixes, features and interviews by Frankfurts own Toben Piel aka FM Aether.

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