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July 15, 2021 Somewhere in Los Angeles


African Ghost Valley – Qza4
Glynn Maier – Aster Cordifolius Alter
Scurge – Captive Exterior #3
Diane – July
Precipitation – Live in Tokyo (Pt. 1)
slowfoam – Shed
Hidden Valley Logging Company – Secret Circle
B. P. – Starlight Tour Guide
US41 – Corner Display
René Najera – Yy
Dravier & Wellness – Drift #2
/// – 3
Ryan Wick – Untitled (Out of Touch)
Behind Me – Ryan Wick
Birdlabs – Collecting Rainwater
Mallard – Balancing
Balancing (Mix) – Mallard
V. Kristoff- Untitled (Spring 2020 South America Tour CD-R)
slowfoam – Magic Wall
slumpy melatxnin – Bohemian sol
Bianca Scout – attention
Hidden Valley Logging Company – Interlude
Precipitation – Sites of Remembrance

Akustische Bänderdehnung

"Akustische Bänderdehnung" explores the winding wonders and hissy oddities of the tape universe on a monthly basis. An audible journey through mixes, features and interviews by Frankfurts own Toben Piel aka FM Aether.