July 7, 2021

Ana Ott Radio

  • Felix Möser


pleasure – MISTY
Sculpture – Portasound Glycemic Spike
Joakim Forsgren & Andreas Hiroui Larsson – Vacation
São Paulo Underground & Tupperwear – Fajana
Fetisch Park – Love is a Liar
Persona – Lago
Leven Signs – Held In Arms
Ka Baird, Brian Close, Bryce Hackford, Jimmy Tamborello – Red Switch Grass
Humbros – R.I.Poste (remix)
Moon On The Water – Inner Fire
Kimberly Clark – First Of May
Roberto Laneri – Contra Mulieres
Goose – Som Folk Är Mest
Giovanni Di Domenico – Kyu-u-ri
Agostino Nirodh Fortini – Sphere 1
FUJI||||||||||TA – KŌMORI 2
SCHWEBEN – Lone Cypress
Loscil – Coyote

Ana Ott Radio

Monthly show by the lovely folks behind vinyl and cassette label Ana Ott. 120 minutes with Felix Möser and guests, evolving around DIY concert culture, its Mülheim homebase Makroscope and the label itself.

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