Ana Ott Radio

  • Felix Möser

May 28, 2019 dublab HQ


Mako Sica – Mother Earth
Sandro Mussida – EEE
Josiah Steinbrick – Four Synthesizers, Two Bells on Tuned Wood
Giovanni di Domenico – Part I
Mondkopf – Inner Fire
Disrupt – Airlock Cycle
Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond – Riet
US Steel Cello Ensemble – Bitter Suites
Sisto Rossi – My Dungeon My Rules (excerpt)
Tapage &a Gareth Davis – States

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Ana Ott Radio

Monthly show by the lovely folks behind vinyl and cassette label Ana Ott. 120 minutes with Felix Möser and guests, evolving around DIY concert culture, its Mülheim homebase Makroscope and the label itself.