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  • Felix Möser

September 2, 2020 Makroscope


Mourning [A] BLKstar – These Hands Are Up
Paisiel – Unconscious Death Wishes
Yo La Tengo – Georgia Thinks It’s Probably Okay (Tuesday)
GNOD & João Pais Filipe – Faca De Terra
Jim White and Marisa Anderson – The Lucky
laodan – There Is No Color World
Crumpsall Riddle – Ghost That Dances
333 Boyz – Natural History
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman – YEK 134–17
Jon Hassell – Fearless
Red Brut – Songs For Another World I
Secluded Bronte – Pistacchio
Rhodri Davies – Gorchan Sali
Zeena Parkins & Jeff Kolar – Traveling
Suzanne Langille & Neel Murgai – A Strong And Foolish Heart
Valentina Magaletti & Marlene Ribeiro – Icky Dream
Space Afrika – self
Samara Lubelski & Marcia Bassett – Cosmic
Pak Yan Lau & Darin Gray – Suspended Thoughts

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Monthly show by the lovely folks behind vinyl and cassette label Ana Ott. 120 minutes with Felix Möser and guests, evolving around DIY concert culture, its Mülheim homebase Makroscope and the label itself.