September 7, 2022

Ana Ott Radio

  • Felix Möser


Les Trucs – Zur Situation Von Konstruktionen
Delphine Dora – Who are we
Red Brut – Magnesium Dreams III
Vica Pacheco – El Fuego
zo-on slows – Peony Pavillon
Trii Group & Hipólito – Circuli
Liz Allbee – All The Light Let In
plastiq – Der Versuch (hat bereits begonnen)
Osilasi – Face A
Radio Hito – Sempre Due
Tintin Patrone – Salt
Le diable dégoûtant – Ingurgiter ton image
Bear Bones, Lay Low – Gnolo
Bear Bones, Lay Low – Oolemba
Léonore Boulanger – Rouler sa tête La montagne
Prozessor – Here We Go
Ervin Omsk – Top Pnrm
Laila Sakini – Stephens Secret

Ana Ott Radio

Monthly show by the lovely folks behind vinyl and cassette label Ana Ott. 120 minutes with Felix Möser and guests, evolving around DIY concert culture, its Mülheim homebase Makroscope and the label itself.

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