Paul aka The Conservative: French House Special Part 1

June 5, 2023

Better Days – French House Special Part 1

  • The Conservative


Probably everyone has their own story about what hearing Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” for the first time triggered in them. And how incredibly new the sound and sampling techniques of Thomas Bangalter’s “Trax On the Rocks” sounded when the record was released in 1995. The stamp “French House” was born, even though influential artists like Motorbass and St. Germain had already laid the foundations for sample-based French-style house in the years before.

For me, French House was everything back then. As a youngster I soaked up every new release and can remember very clearly how I bought the first Roulé 12inches in Cologne’s Music Man Recordstore, the first Crydamoure, Fantom or Bob Sinclar 12inches in the Kompakt store and later in Groove Attack the first 12inches on labels I adored like Fiat Lux, Black Jack or Riviera. French House hardcore!

I have always let my love for French House flow in some places in the previous shows. Today’s special pays full tribute to the topic. The focus is not on the hits, of which there are so many in this segment. But we can’t do without them either. I couldn’t even consider that many records. Therefore: Part 2 is coming!



Phoenix — Heatwave [Source]
Jess & Crabbe — F9’Riot Squad [Fiat Lux]
Pascal Rioux — High Funk [Rotax]
Sexy Kool — Aerobic Compressor (Brixton Compressor Mix) [Fiat Lux]
Pépé Bradock — The Charter [Kif Recordings]
Julian Jabre — Let Me Hold You [Basic Recordings]
djON — All My Love [Pig Life Records]
Stephane B Feat. Live Orchestra — Back To New York [Grain Of Groove]
Dimitri From Paris — Just About Right (Full Length) [Basenotic Records]
Cassius — Cassius 99 (remix/long version) [Virgin]
The Eternals — Wrath Of Zeus (Dub Mix) [Crydamoure]
Björk — Alarm Call (Alan Braxe & Ben Diamond Remix) [One Little Indian]
B.O.C. Productions — Fall In Love (Alan Braxe Remix) [Chez Music]
Mike 303 — Back In Love [Premium]
Le Knight Club — Soul Bells [Crydamoure]
Phoenix — If I Ever Feel Better I’ll Go To The Disco (Said The Buffalo Bunch) [Source]
Cheek — Venus “Sunsine People” [Versatile Records]
Bob Sinclar — Vision OF Paradise [Yellow Productions]
Sunshine Funk — Lemon (The Main Mix) [Sunshine Groove]
Sunshine Funk — In The Stuff [Sunshine Groove]
Le Knight Club — Gator [Crydamoure]
Trankilou — Atom Funk [Kif Recordings]
Alan Braxe — Vertigo [Roulé]
Ian Pooley — Chord Memory (Daft Punk Mix) [Force Inc. Music Works]

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