Paul aka The Conservative in Tokyo in front of the Hachiku statue

April 3, 2023

Better Days

  • The Conservative


Due to a scheduling conflict, Paul unfortunately didn’t make it to the studio this month. Nevertheless, there is a new mix. In the April edition of Better Days Radio, Paul plays several of his favourite Japanese records between City Pop, Ambient, Techno, Avantgarde and Bossanova.


Testpattern – Friday
DJ Shufflemaster – Dawn Purple
Ken Ishii – Popgun
Water Melon Group – Hong Kong Blues
Frank Chickens – We Say You Say
Exotics – You Can Tell Me How
Akira Inoue – ヒンデンブルグ号へようこそ
Interior – Flamingo
Toshifumi Hinata – New Nomad
Yasuaki Shimizu & The Saxophonettes – I’ll Remember April
Yumi Murata (村田有美) – Love The One You’re With
Kangaroo – Sunshine Bright On Me
Miharu Koshi – Save The Last Dance
Minoru Koyama – After Images
Seigen Ono – Louis-San
Harumo Hosono – Medium Composition #2
Makoto Matsushita – I Know
Love, Peace & Trance – Hush-A Mandala Ni Pàli
Miharu Koshi – Santaman no Mori de
Mikio Masuda – Mickey’s Samba
Terumasa Hino – Samba De-La Cruz
Imitation – Imitation Freak
Testpattern – Beach Girl
Apogee & Perigee – Prologue (Hope)
Kuniyuki Takahashi – Newwave Project #9
Kyoko Koizumi – 好奇心7000
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Bibo No Aozora
Masumi Hara – ズットじっと
Takumi – Dear Dori
Minekawa Takako – Cat House
Shi-Shonen – Bye-Bye Yuppie Boy

Better Days

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