Better Days w/ The Conservative (February 2022)

Better Days

  • The Conservative

February 7, 2022 Somewhere in Cologne


Pejzaż – Widzenie
Pejzaż – Jesienna Sonata
Hideki Matsutake – Nemureru Yoru (Karaoke Version)
Shotta Tapes – Rat Heart Ensemble
Akira Ito – 水色の聖地 / W・A・T・E・R
Bombay Hotel – Between Leaves
Das Pferd – Cry Of Love
Wally Badarou – Theme From Countryman
Maze – Joy and Pain (Irrgartenedit von Testiculo Y Uno)
Nite-Funk – I Know You’re The One For Me [Demo]
Prince – Me Touch Myself
dip in the pool – I feel so good
House Of Ho – Ai Ai Ai
Jinesis – Do You
OG Keemo – 2009
Shirley Brown – When You Really Love Somebody
Jerry Butler – How Does It Feel
Planet Asia – Take It Lightly
Hiroshi Fujiwara – Tart Of Noise
Techno Twins – Donald & Julie Go Boating
Silver Leaf – Well, Well, Well
Takkyu Ishino – Dream Baby Dream
Daywalker + CF – Supersonic Transportation
Mori Ra – Keniya Edit
Mark Murphy – Sly
Minoru Koyama – 残像―After Images
Buddha Monk – Got’s Like Come On Thru (Instrumental)

Better Days

Better Days hosted by The Conservative. Preserving pearls from all around the globe with a special focus on heartwarming grooves from Tokyo, Kyoto, Minneapolis, Warsaw or New Jersey.