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January 2, 2023

Better Days – A Morgan Geist Special

  • The Conservative


When I heard about Morgan Geist releasing a new EP called “Duper” at the end of 2022, my joy was huge. Immediately it was clear that the name is a reference to the 2001 released “Super” EP, which is one of my all time favorites since then. 2022 was the year of Morgan Geist anyway. After relatively manageable output over the past five years, he released a wonderful pop album with longtime collborateur Kelley Polar under the project name Au Suisse last summer.

So it’s time to dedicate a little special to the music of the New Yorker. In this edition of Better Days Radio you will find, besides the productions under his own name, of course also the productions as Metro Area (together with Darshan Jesrani), the project with Jessy Lanza as The Galleria and his singles under the synonym Storm Queen. Unfortunately, I forgot the Au Suisse LP on the shelf. Next time!


Metro Area – Piña [ENV008]
Morgan Geist – Fuzzy Detail [ENV040]
Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Dub) [ENV034]
Storm Queen – It Goes On (Dub) [ENV036]
Dance Reaction – Disco Train (Morgan Geist Caboose Mix) [ENVUN01]
San Serac – Music Never Ends (M’s Music Mix) [ENV033]
Morgan Geist – Darkstar [ENV039]
The Galleria – Stop & Go (Up The Wall Dub) [ENV041]
Storm Queen – Let’s Make Mistakes (Dub) [ENV037]
Metro Area – Miura [ENV014]
Metro Area – Dance Reaction [SOURTDJ 074]
Morgan Geist – Twilight Express [ENV042]
Morgan Geist – Epoch [ENV015]
Metro Area – We Also Not [TSR003]
Morgan Geist – 24k [ENV012]
The Rapture – House Of Jealous Lovers (Morgan Geist Version) [dfa 2121]
Metro Area – Atmosphrique [ENV008]
Metro Area – Caught Up [ENV011]
Metro Area – Tonky Pumpz [ENV011]
Morgan Geist – Probs [ENV015]
The Galleria – Mezzanine (Up Dub) [ENV038]
Morgan Geist – Black Test Car [ENV042]

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