Gora Sou

July 12, 2021

Circus of Values

  • Gora Sou

Gora Sou


Takashi Kokubo – 回廊の音楽 Music For The Corridor (Glossy Mistakes)
25,000 Kittens – Boo 1995-2011 (Ginjoha)
more eaze – priority (ft. ben bondy) (Lillerne Tapes)
dj lostboi – PET SHOP B (self-released)
tau contrib – kali drips (sferic)
Running Out Of Time – Jongles Ambiance (Tax Free Records)
Haji K. – Antoinette & A Single Tear Climbing Up A Wall (Daisart)
LOG – Log 4 (Experiences Ltd.)
Milton Nascimento – Evocacao das Montanhas (Ariola)
TIBSLC – Glime (sferic)
Danny Wolfers – ASMR Hotel Window (Nightwind Records)
X.Y.R. – jeunesse vague (Constellation Tatsu)
3.11 – Reduktion (PRS)
Motohiko Hamase – Rain Calls For Bird (Studio Mule)
James Ferraro – Headlines (Access Hollywood) (Olde English Spelling Bee)
Milan W. – Memo (Universal Exports)
S A D -Tantra (Gost Zvuk)
Slugabed – drifting in and out (Activia Benz)
Berko – Lyre (Edições Cn)
AKAI SOLO – Ruin On My Watch (Break All Records)

Circus Of Values

Every second Monday of the month your host Gora Sou, along with occasional guests, will bring you a selection of colorful and adventurous music from across the spectrum.

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