June 13, 2022

Circus of Values

  • Gora Sou


Bug Bus Piano – Beloved Musician Bug Bus Piano Tragically Explodes During Live Performance (CarrisMusic)
Salamanda – Catching Tails (Human Pitch)
Joy Orbison – Pinky Ring (XL Recordings)
Belia Winnewisser – Mother Earth Took Poison In Her Soil (Die Orakel)
Nick León – Igneous Drums (Future Times)
ssaliva – fall w me (Jj Funhouse)
Elementals’ Orrery – Snow Demons in Reclus (Pacific City Sound Visions)
P.A. Hülsenbeck – Onda (Präsens Editionen)
Nils Quak – Draht (Oxtail Recordings)
Francesca Heart – Nuova Atlantide (Leaving Records)
Gryke Pyje – Squirlich Stroll (mappa)
M. Geddes Gengras – Discovered Endstate Always (Hausu Mountain)
Pontiac Streator – drowing w/ protoza project (self-released)
TIBSLC – Hypertranslucent04 (sferic)
Virgile – The Only Path (Unguarded)
Ryong + Eva Tind – When Trees Start To Shake (Yegorka)
Mark Barrott – 森林浴 (Shinrin-yoko) (self-released)
Clipse – Mr. Me Too (Star Trak Entertainment)

Circus Of Values

Every second Monday of the month your host Gora Sou, along with occasional guests, will bring you a selection of colorful and adventurous music from across the spectrum.

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