Circus of Values

  • Gora Sou

May 10, 2021 dublab HQ


Picnic – Folds And Rips (Daisart)
Quiet Force – Listen to the Music (Numero Group)
Tantão e os Fita – Introdução ao Piorou (QTV)
DJ Plead – RT3 (Documenting Sound)
Sin Maldita – Ruin (Unguarded)
Dialect – Under~Between (RVNG. Intl)
Drone Operatør – Milliers D’Années (Kontrapunkt)
Francesco Cavaliere – IN CRESTA DI CRISTALLO (self-released)
Lieven Martens – Suite Sentimentale e Mini-male III (Poole Music)
Hype Williams – Distance (WORLD MUSIC)
Kelman Duran – Busy Signal – Bredda (remix) (Documenting Sound)
Akiko Haruna – Die and Retry (Timedance)
Maxwell Sterling – Tremble Happy (AD 93)
Smerz – Flashing (XL)
Léo Hoffsaes & Loto Retina – I’d like to tell her (Permalnk)
Alex Zhang Hungtai & Pavel Milyakov – m-3 (PSY X Records)
Maarja Nuut & Sun Araw – Globular Exeunt (Mida)
Foodman – Hoshikuzu Tenboudai (Hyperdub)
June Chikuma – Mujo to Ifukoto (Freedom To Spend)
Cities Aviv – Known It All, Seen It All (D.O.T)
Piag3t – Showing You Things (Janushoved)
Perila – On A Roof (Documenting Sound)
식료품groceries – Aisle 3 (Summits, Clouds, and Greener Grass) (Dream Catalogue)
Mishio Ogawa – Hikari no Ito, Kin no Ito (Light in the Attic)

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Circus Of Values

Every second Monday of the month your host Gora Sou, along with occasional guests, will bring you a selection of colorful and adventurous music from across the spectrum.