Circus Of Values - VGM Special w/ Gora Sou (November 2021)

November 8, 2021

Circus Of Values – VGM Special

  • Gora Sou

Circus Of Values - VGM Special w/ Gora Sou (November 2021)


Ben Babbitt – Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces (from „Kentucky Route Zero“)
Disasterpeace – Flow (from „FEZ“)
Akira Yamaoka – A World Of Madness (from „Silent Hill 2“)
Satfford Bawler – Hidden Temple (from „Monument Valley“)
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi & Yuzo Koshiro & Takeshi Yanagawa & Osamu Murata & Ryuji Iuchi – Christmas on Dobuita Street (from „Shenmue“)
Honnda – Bounce Castle (from „Ultimate Rivals – The Court“)
Tetsukazu Nakanishi – Eye Of The Storm (from „Ace Combat 3“)
Keiichi Suzuki & Hirokazu „Hip“ Tanaka – A Hospital’s Quality Care (from „Earthbound“)
Seikou Nagaoka – Premonition Of A Breeze (from „Sound Wave Of Stellvia“)
Oval – P-project (from „Rez Infinite“)
Ben Babbitt – Too Late To Love You (from „Kentucky Route Zero“)
Disasterpeace – The Winding Ridge (from „Hyper Light Drifter“)
Lena Raine – Anxiety (from „Celeste“)
Gustavo Santaolalla – All Gone (The Outside) (from „The Last Of Us“)
Motoi Sakuraba – A Moment’s Peace (from „Dark Souls“)
Kota Hoshino – On The Sunlit Hill (from „Evergrace“)
Garry Schyman – Busted Sub (from „Bioshock“)
Robyn Miller – Survey Island Theme (from „Riven“)
British Sea Power – Whirling-In-Rags 12 PM (from „Disco Elysium“)
N.O.Y.B. – Bamboo Thicket (from OTOGI: Myth Of Demons)
Kōji Kondō – Potion Shop (from „The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time“)
Masami Ueda – Save Room (from „Resident Evil“)
Noriyuki Asakura – Cure The Princess (from „Tenchu“)
Ryan Amon – Hunter’s Dream (from „Bloodborne“)
Olive – You’re Not Alone (RCA)

Circus Of Values

Every second Monday of the month your host Gora Sou, along with occasional guests, will bring you a selection of colorful and adventurous music from across the spectrum.

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