April 2, 2020

Escape From TV

  • Oswin


Two Daughters – Ladder Of Souls
Michael Karoli & Polly Eltes – The Lake
Brigitte Fontaine, Areksi Belkacem – Patriarcat
Ironing Music – Don’t Wish It away
Michael Karoli & Polly Eltes – One Thing (Or The Other)
Software Seduction – New Collision
Swamp Children – Call Me Honey
The Dance – Tumble To The Power
A Band Called „O“ – Coasting
Weapon Of Peace – If
Fresh ft. Lizz.E – Wishing On A Star (Housey)
Jah Beers Classic
Rowen Johnson – Dubbing It Closer

Escape From TV

When asked for a show description Oswin just sent over this: "Escape From TV is a monthly one hour show reflecting the music I enjoy at the moment."

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