February 4, 2021

Escape From TV

  • Oswin


Roy Montgomery – Along The Main Divide
Kit Ream – Memories
Matfield & The Pond – Jam
Tears For Fears – Pharaohs
Corcoran Bros – These Woods Are Friendly
Rabbit Creek Band – I Just Can’t Take It Anymore
Jeanette – Dawn Arises
D.C. And Company – I Just Can’t Say Goodbye
Daniela und Ann – All My Love Is Gone
Ban – Um Espelho Riu
Joyce Cooling – It’s On You
Spinning Motion – Devotion To You
Jim Burrell – Summer Daytime
Dorothy Ashby – The Look Of Love
Gary Boyle – Thinking Of You
Roger Melt – Pleine Lune
Jeanette – Summer Come Around
Jah Wobble – I Need You By My Side (Message From Pluto)
Elodie Lauten – Tempo Di Habanera
Sopwith Camel – Orange Peel
Robert Crotty – T.B. Blues
Marc Emory – Candlelight
Heaven & Earth – Voice In The Wind
Cheri Adams – Give
Feel Like Making Looooove
Bootsy Collins – Munchies For Your Love
Inrain – Grow
Otis G. Johnson – He’s Everything
The Rev – A Thin Grey Space

Escape From TV

When asked for a show description Oswin just sent over this: "Escape From TV is a monthly one hour show reflecting the music I enjoy at the moment."

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