March 11, 2021

Fiendin 4 Tha Funk

  • Philipp Geibel
  • Robert Winter


Big Bur-na – Daze Of Burna
Bohn – Strapped For The Season
Project Pimp – Getting Crunk
E.S.G. – Swangin and Bangin
11-5 – Garcia Vegas
Tucole – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Doobie Smoov – So Real
Tha Reella – Chill
Silky Slim – Silky Slim
Young D-O-G – Smoke One
Sinister – Life Of A Sinner
King Tee – Dippin
Raw Society ft. Cap One – Another Lesson
Gangsta Tall – O Side Rider
Gangsta Dre – How Deep Is Your Love
One Gud Cide – Where Do I Go
Blak Huslas – Whos Got The Bomb
1 Way ANC – 2 To The Dome
Coop MC – Hangin At 2
Botany Boyz – Ups N Downs
PLUTO – I Getz Hya
Felony – Ain’t No Shame In My Game
Hitcha – Way To Change

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