February 22, 2021

Fife Trax

  • Clifford


Bim Sherman & Skip McDonald – Morning Star Pt. 2
Hysteric – Cammino
Schatrax – Love Humour
Bim Sherman & Skip McDonald – Metling Pot Pt. 2
Gaznevada – Special Agent Man (Female Version)
Adriano Celentano – Il Re Deglie Ignoranti (Good Block edit)
Guillame De Bois – Sequence Fiction
Kel-Air Band Band – Tuareg
Try To Find Me – Needs Ending
William Orbit & Beth Orton – Water From a Vine Leaf
The It – Rainforest Serenade (Long Version)
Blackway and Helene – Music For Us
Fun Fun – Give A Little Love Again
Dazzle – Only You
Davy DMX – The DMX Will Rock (Vocoder)
Timezone – Wildstyle (Instrumental)
I.M.S. – Nonline
Chaz Jankel – 3,000,000 Synths
Todd Osbourne – Medium
Cut To Shock – Jack Be Nimble
Roots – What’s It All About?

Fife Trax

10+ years of amateur radio and the Fife Trax formula still hasn’t changed. The musical scope may have broadened, but the format remains: Clifford plays his recent discoveries and tries to enlighten you with whatever facts are lodged in his brain from last Sunday’s Discogs-binge.

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