January 23, 2019

Fife Trax

  • Clifford


Brenda Ray – Theme From A Tall Dark Stranger
Antena – Bye Bye Papaye
Antena – The Boy from Ipanema
Brenda Ray – Every Day Another Dream
Pink Industry – What I Wouldnt Give
Lunapark – Worte
Cult Club – All The People
Nina Harker – Idaho Sief
Innergaze – Change It Up
Jonny 5 – Deja Vu
Medio Mutante – Another Land
Purpur Spytt – Limp

Streamer – Start Button
The World – The Loop
Willie Colon – She Dont Know Im Alive (Alive Dub One)
Tik and Tok – Soulless Synthetic Heart-Steps Of Unconcerned Androids
Pink Industry – Empty Beach
Naafi Sandwich – Slice Two
Pink Industry – Pain of Pride
Third Electric – Defcon
Rugelach – Yellow
Purpur Spytt – Poor Creatures That We Are
The Cramps – Human Fly
No Honey From These – Ten
Chain of Command – Some Aspects
Zwischenfall – Flucht
Cult Club – Play With Lies
Hymn – Around The Bend
Algebra Suicide – Please Excuse Our Decadence

Fife Trax

10+ years of amateur radio and the Fife Trax formula still hasn’t changed. The musical scope may have broadened, but the format remains: Clifford plays his recent discoveries and tries to enlighten you with whatever facts are lodged in his brain from last Sunday’s Discogs-binge.

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