March 22, 2021

Fife Trax

  • Clifford


Mike Francis – Features of Love
Da Vinci – Vivo No Selva
Mildlife – Automatic
Dennis Parker – Like an Eagle
Tourist – Hooked on You
Fashion – Love Shadow
Bruce Cockburn – Waterwalker
Nordine Staifi – Goultili Bye Bye
Angelique Kidjo – Batonga (Jungle Club Mix)
French Audacity – The Fine One
Pierre Eliane – Isadora Duncan
Gibo & Pummarola Band – Sexy Pummarola
Lio – Sage Comme Une Image
Carolyn Harding – Gonna Get Your Love
N+M, The Lady Rappers – School Rap
Midnight Star – Freak-A-Zoid
Divine Sounds – Dollar Bill Dub Dub
LS Manera – Sombrero
Love Deluxe – Silk Mirage (Hysteric Remix)

Fife Trax

10+ years of amateur radio and the Fife Trax formula still hasn’t changed. The musical scope may have broadened, but the format remains: Clifford plays his recent discoveries and tries to enlighten you with whatever facts are lodged in his brain from last Sunday’s Discogs-binge.

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