May 23, 2023

Fife Trax – Jungle Special

  • Clifford


Sense of Direction – Simplicity
Rufige Krew – Dark Metal (Source Direct Remix)
DJ Red – Murder 1
Ed Rush & Nico – Whats Up
Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix)
DJ Stretch – Papa Lover (Serum Remix)
3 The Hardway – Smooth Operator
DJ Krust – Warhead (Steppa Mix)
Stevie Hyper D – Junglist Soldier (Dark Mix)
Ed Rush & Nico – Proton
Special Request X Tim Reaper – Pull Up
Orca – Intalect
Dynamic Duo – Shadow (Revamp)
Trinity – Gangsta (O J Mix)
Pete Cannon – Bad Boy Fashion
Hyper On Experience – Disturbance (Tango Remix)
DJ Dextrous – Time to Move
SUCIA! – When The Lights Go Out
Arma – Wray & Ting
DJ SS – The Roll Out
DJ Gunshot – Black Magic
Erogenous Zone – General Zone
D-Force – Ruff!!!
Renegade – Terrorist

Fife Trax

10+ years of amateur radio and the Fife Trax formula still hasn’t changed. The musical scope may have broadened, but the format remains: Clifford plays his recent discoveries and tries to enlighten you with whatever facts are lodged in his brain from last Sunday’s Discogs-binge.

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