October 26, 2020

Fife Trax

  • Clifford


Le Club – Attentat A La Couleur (Re-Mix)
Gaznevada – Living in the Jungle
Zoëlie – Lolo
Data – Romy Haag
Babalu – Bogey Man
Radio Band – Radio Rap
Europcar – We Are The Superservice People
Barbara Sand – My Life (Euro Version)
Lina – Beats of Love
Mayhem – We’ve Got Tonight, Boy
Phoebe Cates – Feels So Good (Abel Edit)
Lenny Williams – Gotta Lotta Luv (House Dub Mix)
Vaughan Mason & Butch Dayo – Rollalong Songs
Chaz Jankel – 109
Roots – Sheriffs Horse
Lanrdo & Co – Belo e Sambar
Rendez-vous – Superstition
Konk – Love Attack
Tileface – Wallet Woman
The Trick – My World (TV Mix)

Fife Trax

10+ years of amateur radio and the Fife Trax formula still hasn’t changed. The musical scope may have broadened, but the format remains: Clifford plays his recent discoveries and tries to enlighten you with whatever facts are lodged in his brain from last Sunday’s Discogs-binge.

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