Fife Trax w/ Clifford (October 2021)

October 25, 2021

Fife Trax

  • Clifford

Fife Trax w/ Clifford (October 2021)


Michael Franks – When Sly Calls
Julie Roberts – Ain’t You Had Enough Love?
Isaac Hayes – A Few More Kisses To Go
Tabo’s Project – Eyes of a Child
Space Garage – Space Garage (Venom Mix)
Roland P Young – Ballo Balla
Brawther – Theme From The Dungeon
The Sindecut – Can’t Get Enough (Of Who?)
One Man’s Quest – Smiling Faces 95 (R&B Instr.)
C&M Connections – Flutes
Fresh 4 – Wishing on a Star (Housey)
Kicking Back w/ Taxman – Devotion
Wrong Kind of Stone Age – Ravi Dubbi
K Leimer – Entre’acte
Jaz – Let Me Treble
Nico Mecca – Floppy Computer
Talko – Psyko Flash
Clube Naval – Salve Vidas
Andromeda – Andromeda
Angie Bee – Plastic Doll
Hysteric – E.T.
Lama – Love On The Rocks

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