Nathalie Brum

July 6, 2022

Grapefruits – Issue #06 – Rhythm & Voice

  • Nathalie Brum

Nathalie Brum


Ebow – Das Wetter
Ebow – Deine Straßen fest. EsRap
Ebow – Asyl
Kae Tempest – Europe Is Lost
Kae Tempest – Salt Coast
Kae Tempest -The Heist
Kae Tempest – Don’t Fall In
Kae Tempest – Perfect Coffee
Ebow – Der Vogel & Das Meer


Grapefruits is a fanzine about female* composers and sound artists, originating from students of the master programme Klang und Realität at the Institute for Music and Media at the RSH Düsseldorf.

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