June 24, 2020

Guest DJ Set

  • Fabio Fontanelli


Natureboy Flako – Crystals
Baffo Banfi – Dancing On The Ship
Renee – Reaching For The Sky
Omari – Omari’s Rap Powerlords
Laszlo Bencker – Lady Robot
Milord – The Kemetist
France – Sous Sous (Fruit Dub Mix)
Steve Winwood – Freedom Overspill
Zinja Hlungwani – Ntobmi Ya Mugaza (Burnt Friedman Remix)
Neon – Le Macho Du Mambo
The Rake – Street Justice (Instrumental)
Boydelay ft. Yuki – Gilles
Nacht und Nebel – Beats Of Love
Tony mc Kenzie – Ha-Chica
T-Coy – I Like To Listen
Jovonn – Back To NY/NJ
Myakka – Chantment
Bruno Sanchioni – Yo Lady Yo
Tom Tom Club – Don’t Say No
Private Class – Master Of Love
DFC – Nummer Een
Telex – Basta
The Caravan – The World Beat
DE DE- S&M (Sexy Music)
Atta Che – Les Crabes
Maximum Joy – Building Bridges (Building Dub)
Local Artist – Fruity
O.D.C. – Crystal Rain
Olonga – Feel The Melody
Cool 2 – Kinda Groovy
Psychic Mirrors – Rated X

Guest Sessions

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