Kato May & High John

September 3, 2021

Guest Session

  • High John
  • Kato May

Kato May & High John


High John came through to introduce you to his resent Instrumental-Hip Hop album “High Jazz”. The Hamburg based Beatmaker/Producer talks about future projects and gives you a sneak preview of what he is working on right now. Playing some unreleased exclusive demos with MCs such as Awon, Ill Conscious, Jenna Camille and Peter Manns from the Sichtexot-Family Producer-MC-Duo UNDAGAWDS.

John came in good company with Jazz/Soul singer Kato May singing (LIVE) unreleased songs from her upcoming album with John, which the two have been working on the last few months.

“My Mama told me
dont give up on your dreams [no no]
and if you feel weak
dont you ever show your weak [no no]
My Mama told me
dont give up on your strengs [no no]
My Mama said
I have to keep my head up no matter what”

– Kato May


Plusma & High John – High-Way (vinyl version)
High John – Somtimes I Just Wanna Be Alone
High John – Dreamy Eyes (ft.Pachakuti)
High John – In Front Of The Opera (ft.Pachakuti)
Mz Boom Bap & Ill Conscious – Sorcery
Ill Consious & High John – (Untiteld Demo)
Undagawds – Different Peaople
Peter Manns & High John – (Untiteld Demo)
Awon & Phoniks – Fatherhood (ft. DJ Eveready)
Awon & Phoniks – Everlasting Game (ft. Masta ce & DJ ILL Digitz)
High John & Awon – (Untiteld Demo)
High John – Train Ride
Jenna Camille & The Other Guys – Love Me Right
Jenna Camille & High John – (Untiteld Demo)
High John & Sandro Sáez – (Untiteld Demo)
Sandro Sáez & High John – (Untiteld Demo)

Kato May & High John – My Mama Told Me
High John & Kato May – Tu Q Sabes De Mi
Kato May & High John – (Untiteld)
Kato May – Cry Me A River [Cover]

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