Lujo Asiático

July 21, 2021

Guest Session

  • Lujo Asiático

Lujo Asiático


Lujo Asiático is an instrumental trio based in Buenos Aires. They released their second album “Ganbare” some weeks ago. In the last month, they have been recording some improvisations with Ariel Schlichter (Maqueta) in the Fleetstreet Theatre residency in Hamburg. This mix is a compendium of the latest album “Ganbare” and the improvisations recorded at Hamburg.


Lujo Asiático – Vidrio Roto
Lujo Asiático – Ganbare
Lujo Asiático – Pastee
Lujo Asiático – FM Prosperity
Lujo Asiático – Postapostolico
Lujo Asiático – Arp
Lujo Asiático & Maqueta – Improvisations at Fleetstreet Theatre, Hamburg

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